We are passionate about providing safe, quality products to support primary caregivers and parents that have chosen alternative feeding.

At Baby Steps, our mission is a simple one – to support growing bodies with premium nutrition during the critical window of development and growth, for lifelong health.

As part of our mission, we are actively listening to feedback from you, our consumers, and periodically review our formulations in light of this.

This particular review has focused on our Omega-3 DHA source and improving the flavour and freshness of our  products; as well as registering our full product range for Halal Certification! With this, we have also updated our packaging to reflect how you see us.

Omega-3 DHA source

We have reviewed and recently changed our Omega-3 DHA source from fish oil to algae. This is to reduce the  potential for an allergenic response* from those individuals who hold fish allergies. DHA is an essential nutrient for your little human to obtain from their diet as it is not produced naturally. Our algae DHA is sustainably sourced and extracted without the use of neurotoxic hexane which eliminates the risk of any residual solvents being present- keeping your wee one safe.

* Please note: Always refer to the product ingredients list for further information on allergens present within the finished product.

Fresh Milk Processing

We have recently reviewed our manufacturing process to improve the flavour and freshness of our Baby Steps products. You will find it’s common for milk drink producers to use reconstituted whole milk powder as their base, however we blend our products using fresh goat whole milk.

To achieve this, fresh liquid goat whole milk is collected from our New Zealand partner farms and delivered to our factory where it is wet blended** with additional ingredients sourced from our global partners***. Our formulation is then spray dried into powder to provide nutrient uniformity and ensure you get the best quality product. Once we seal the final product is sealed into cans we batch test for quality and safety before it makes its way into your home.

As we use fresh milk, seasonal variance may occur. However, we test the nutrition profile of each and every batch as part of our process. If there is any variance that occurs, we will blend in additional New Zealand sourced goat whole milk powder and/or other ingredients to ensure that our product and nutrient profile is consistent, every time.

With these changes, there has been a slight nutritional composition change to our formulations, however the overall energy value of each product has increased.

Halal Certified

We are also pleased to say that we have updated all our Baby Steps products with Halal Certification.

** Wet blending is a manufacturing technique to ensure all ingredients, particularly the minor ones in the product are evenly dispersed.

*** This includes other dairy ingredients not available in NZ, as well as other ingredients are sourced both internationally & locally.