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Stage 2 Sachet Box of 6

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We believe in goat goodness to nourish and support your little human as they take their foundational steps through life. Goat milk has unique fatty acid, protein and oligosaccharide profiles.

Baby Steps® Goat Follow-On Formula is a breast milk substitute designed to provide balanced nutritional support.

We use our Fresh Milk Processing and Wet-Blending Method* which ensures consistency in the nutrition profile of our products, whilst delivering a fresh and clean taste.

We also proudly work alongside New Zealand’s local farming community, as we believe high-quality nutrition can only come from an environment treated with utmost care and integrity.

By adding optimal ingredients to the natural goodness of goat milk, our formula supports your child’s growth and development, giving you peace of mind that your little one's nutritional needs are being met as you introduce solids into their diet.

We’re with you every step of the way.

*For further information on our product or processing methods, please visit www.babystepsnz.co.nz