Ready Made Infant Milk Drinks | How to Prepare and Store?

Premade little one milk drink is a game changer for individuals with a hectic routine. The milk drink is ready to feed and has the same nutritional attributes as its substitutes in the market. Furthermore, ready made infant milk drink is also travel friendly. Have we piqued your interest yet? Continue reading.

Steps to making ready made infant milk drink

Ready made infant milk drinks are available for ease of time. They are convenient when you are in a hurry or are facing trouble managing toddlers. Premade milk drinks also save time because they involve fewer steps than liquid and powder alternatives. Here is a cohesive guide to making the perfect bottle for your little one.

Step 1: Collect everything you need

The little one will drink directly from the bottle if you are using premade milk drink. All you need is a nipple. However, you know your toddler the best. If they are less likely to finish the whole bottle, divide it into servings for the next two days.

Step 2: Read the packaging

An essential step for preparing ready made infant milk drink is reading the labels. It is best to browse the best before and expiry dates to safeguard the little one’s health. The dates vary according to the brand, age, and milk drink. Even if the milk drinks are a lot alike, take the time to peruse if you use the right milk drink.

ready made infant milk drink

Step 3: Preparation

In the final step, shake the bottle gently. You do not need to warm the ready made infant milk drink. However, it is preferred if the little one prefer the warm sensation. The child is unlikely to grab the bottle if it is taken directly from the fridge. Use the microwave to make the solution little one-friendly. However, it may heat oddly and result in hot spots.

If you wish to heat ready made infant milk drink bottle, place it under running hot water. You can also double-boil it in a water pot on a stove.

After it is heated to your liking, check the temperature before giving it to the little one. Wait for a few minutes if overheated.

How to extend the shelf life of ready made infant milk drink?

Ready made infant milk drink must be stored under the right temperature to prevent the toddler’s health. Bacteria transferred to the little one is harmful and can even upset their stomach functions. Here is how to store it.

  1. Parents leave ready made infant milk drinkon counters and tables. Therefore, they must be given to the little one at room temperature under two hours. Otherwise, it becomes a growing capsule of bacteria.
  2. If the parents have heated ready made infant milk drink, it must not be put back into the fridge. The parents, guardian, or responsible adult must throw it away immediately if not consumed.
  3. In addition, the parents must also throw away the premade milk drinkif the little one has not consumed it after an hour. Otherwise, the bacteria through the nipple will transfer to the little one. It is now contaminated.
  4. Any unused premade milk drinkthat has been opened must be given to the little one within two days.

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