Optimal Nutrition

Our mission is a simple one – to support children to get the right nutrition during the critical window of development and growth for lifelong health.

We believe that helping children to get the right nutrition, during the first 1000 days – from the beginning of pregnancy until the baby is two years old, will give them the best start in life and the opportunity to reach their full potential. We have always advocated the importance of nutrition for infants and young children, and the importance of breastfeeding.  Our belief in the benefits of good nutrition extends not just during childhood but should continue through future years of growth and development. That’s why choosing the right food, ingredients and product for your baby is important.

Here at Baby Steps, all the ingredients that go into our products are carefully selected. We only source ingredients from accredited suppliers to ensure they meet strict New Zealand and international standards, without compromise.

Our ingredients are GM free and we don’t use palm oil or soybean oil.

The nutritional composition of our products is designed using evidence-based science and strictly follows the Food Safety Australia New Zealand requirements. This ensures our products provide the appropriate nutritional needs for different age groups of children.

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Goat Infant Formula
Goat Follow On Formula
Goat Toddler Milk