World-Class Manufacturing Process

We all want the best for our little Kiwi babies. That’s why definitely we don’t skimp on quality. We’re parents ourselves so we know that only the best infant formula will do for your child. Our integrated ‘farmgate to supermarket’ production process ensures that BabySteps is just such a product:

  1. Our goats are raised on our own farms and fed with quality New Zealand ingredients.
    This ensures that their milk is as nutritional as possible.
  2. Our manufacturing facilities are world-class.
    We’ve invested a lot of resources into building a high-end manufacturing facility. Using unique wet blend technology we ensure the lasting freshness of our infant formula.
  3. Our highly-qualified scientists work to the highest international standards.
    We remain at the forefront of innovation and technology in the nutritional products sector and have won numerous awards for this.
  4. Our three manufacturing facilities are based locally in Auckland at Avondale, Penrose and Paerata.
    We are proud to call New Zealand home and to provide jobs to fellow Kiwis.

What is Wet Blend Technology?

One of the challenges of creating a superior infant formula is ensuring that raw goat milk remains fresh once turned into a formula. Using industry-leading wet blend technology in our manufacturing process ensures this freshness lasts. This is the ‘gold standard’ of blending that benefits your baby by ensuring every scoop is the same in terms of the nutritional value it provides. Dry blending, which is most infant formula manufacturers use, just can’t achieve such nutritional consistency.

Our State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Process

Here is a breakdown of our cutting-edge manufacturing process:

  • Raw goat milk goes through our wet blend technology manufacturing process
  • Additional good nutrients are added to the fresh goat milk
  • At key stages of the process, the milk is batch-tested to meet strict New Zealand government quality control standards
  • All cans are filled under strict supervision to achieve consistent output
  • Digital scanners ensure expiry dates are labelled correctly, which gives you peace-of-mind knowing that your baby gets fresh formula
  • Independent testing by government authorities is then carried out on samples of the formula.

Only after our goat milk infant formula has gone through the above comprehensive checks and balances is it shipped to stores.

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