Kiwi Goat Milk

With a Difference

Baby Steps® is the leading brand of NIG Nutritionals Limited and is sold not only in the New Zealand market, but also widely throughout the world. NIG Nutritionals Limited, part of the New Image group of companies since 1984, has been at the forefront of dairy based nutrition in New Zealand. For over 30 years, New Image Group has been a proud New Zealand company delivering our promise of safe and quality nutritional products.

NIG Nutritionals is proud of its pioneering spirit and New Zealand heritage, placing it as one of a leading innovators, manufacturer, exporter and recipient of multiple export, business and science and technology awards. With our stringent safety standards and multiple industry awards, you can be sure that you are making the best choice for your child.

Breast Feeding

Our Philosophy

Baby Steps® is focused on supporting children to get the right nutrition during the critical window of development and growth for lifelong health. We believe that helping children to get the right nutrition, during the critical early stages of growth and development, will give them the best start in life and the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our belief in the benefits of good nutrition extends not just during childhood but should continue through future years of growth and development.

To support our mission, we offer our nutritious goat milk products, formulated specially for children.


  • OUR PRODUCTS’ NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION will be designed from evidence based science and for the appropriate nutritionals needs and insights of the different consumer groups for which they are produced.
  • THE SOURCE OF OUR INGREDIENTS MATTERS. The ingredients are carefully selected, sourced from reliable partners across the globe and tested before use.
  • HOW WE LOOK AFTER OUR ANIMALS IS IMPORTANT TO US. As compared to large farm networks, we have a small number of farms that we care for and operate on a very personal level. Our commitment to animal welfare and happiness is something we are very proud of.
  • WE ASSURE HIGH STANDARDS OF PRODUCT QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETY. Quality is a top priority for every employee. We are committed to delivering a quality and food safety environment which meets strict international standards, without compromise. Our aim is to continually strive to meet the highest standards of quality assurance and control as is possible.
  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO ETHICAL MARKETING and believe we can play a part in promoting and contributing to the benefits that come from proper nutrition. We are committed in responsible and ethical marketing and living to our values of providing good nutrition for our future generation.

Manufacturing Process

We all want the best for our little Kiwi babies. That’s why definitely we don’t skimp on quality. Our integrated ‘farmgate to supermarket’ production process ensures that Baby Steps is just such a product:

Highest Standard Of Manufacturing

Our commitment to the highest standard of manufacturing and quality assurance with product traceability.

Formulation Design Unique

Formulation design unique to each development stage and regional requirements. All Ingredients tested for potency and quality.

Supply Chain

Integrated supply chain with stringent manufacturing practice.